Sitemap - 2021 - Judson Carroll, Master Herbalist

Show 61: Herbs to repel insects, for stings, bites and parasites

Show 60: Herbs for Eyes and a Christmas Surprise!

Show 59: Herbs for Sore Throats, etc.

Show 58: Antibiotic Herbs and Lung Herbs

Show 57: Antiviral Herbs

Show 56: Herbs for Rashes

Show 55: Herbs for Burns, Wintergreen/Pipsissewa and Indian/Ghost Pipe

Show 54: Herbs for Bruises and Sprains and the Heath Family

Show 53: Wild Quinine, Prickly Pear Cactus and Wound Healing Herbs

Show 52: Herbs that disinfect wounds, birch trees and I no longer hold my tongue

Show 51: Herbs for Bleeding and The Oak Family

Show 50: Herbal Medicine for Preppers, Homesteaders and Permaculture People

Show 49: The Magnolia, Willow and Walnut Families of Herbs

Show 48: The Ginseng, Aralia and Smilax families

Show 47: The Fall Foraging Show

Show 46: The Everlasting and Honeysuckle Families of Herbs

Show 45: Preparedness and the Dandelion Family of Herbs

Show 44: Plant ID for Emergency Herbal Medicine

Show 43: The Chamomile Family

Show 42: The Basswood/Lime and Violet Families, and why not to freak out!

Show 41: The Elm and Mallow Families

Show 40: The Laurel Show

Show 39: Monarda, Saint John's Wort and Yarrow

Show 38: The Witch Hazel, Nettles, Purslane and Buckwheat Families of Herbs

Show 37: Seaweed, a powerful anti-viral and much more

Show 36: Identifying and using the Dutchman's Pipe, Barberry, Poppy and bleeding Hearts families of herbs

Show 35: Medicinal Trees, and My New Book!

Show 34: Summer Foraging Show

Show 33: Identifying and using the Mustard and Rose Families

Show 32: The Mint Family of Herbs

Show 31: The Buttercup Family of herbs

Show 30: Herbs for Allergies, Hay fever, rashes, etc

Show 29: Discovering Medicinal Grasses

Show 28: Thistles and Their Medicinal Uses

Show 27: Announcing our new book, The Herbs and Weeds of Fr. Johannes Künzle

Show 26: Medicinal Flowers

Show 25: Herbs for Pain Part 2

Show 24: Herbs for Pain, Part 1

Show 23: Reflections on the Herbal Entrepreneur Summit and Folk Medicine

Show 22: Medicinal Ferns

Show 21: Spring Foraging

Show 20: Introduction to Homeopathy

Show 19 - Best Herb Books

Show 18: Planning Your Herb Garden

Show 17: Two Options For Your Future

Show 16: Herbal Energetics Simplified

Show 15: Herbal Soups

Show 14: An interview with Marjory Wildcraft

Show 13: Herbs For Sleep

Show 12: Announcing New Free Classes and All About Herbal Teas

Show 11: Winter Wildcrafting

Show 10: Herbal Smoking Mixtures